Products We Offer


Supplemental Companies: Standard Process, Nordic Naturals, and Biospec


Bio-Flex: For Joint Health and Joint Repair:  Glucosamine (1500mg), Chondroitin (500mg) and MSM (200mg)

Probiotics- Men, Women and Children

Inflam-95:  Natural anti-inflammatory

Cholesterol Complete:  Lowers cholesterol naturally

Bio-Cal:  Calcium supplementation

Vitamin D

Evening Primrose


Fish Oil – several options for Men, Women and Children



Hot/ Cold Packs - Available in 2 sizes

Cervical Collar


Biofreeze: Pain relieving gel or Roll-on


Tens Unit & replacement electrodes


Low Back Support Belts, Thoracic Posture Supports & Rib Belts


Lumbar Chair Support & Heel Lifts & Knee Supports


Cervical Pillows - Several styles and sizes of cervical pillows are offered for purchase in our office including Tempurpedic, water pillows, and pediatric pillows.  Please contact us if you would like to be fitted for a pillow.

** We can order any Tempurpedic product, including mattresses.

If you are interested in Tempurpedic product that is not listed, let us know and we will price it for you.


Foot Levelers:  Orthotics are supports for your feet. We take scans of your feet here in our officeand send them out to have them custom made for you. Your feet stabilize your body when you stand. If you have poor support for your feet, you will have poor support for your spine. Patients that typically need orthotics are those with flat feet.  Prices vary according to each person's; ask the front desk to price a pair for you if interested.


Therabands & Theraband Anchor: Exercise band used to rehab muscles, increase flexibility and strength


Over-the-Door Cervical Traction


Dennerolls – Denneroll is a traction block that helps to increase the cervical curve.  We fit you for the proper size and give you instruction for use.


Exercise Ball:  It is important when using an exercise ball that you use the correct size for your height.  If we do not have the size you need in the office we can order the correct size for you.  We have exercise handouts with specific exercises to do using the ball.  If you already have the correct size exercise ball at home but need to know what exercises you should be doing, please let us know.


**Should you need any specific health care products you do not see listed, please ask us!

If we do not have what you need in our office, we can order many of these items for you. **